Friday, May 30, 2008

Letter from PMAA Corporate

This was just sent out today by Pacific Modeling and Acting Academy:

Dear PACIFIC Client,

We are writing to inform you that, unfortunately, Pacific Modeling and Acting Academy is ceasing operations at this time, and classes are cancelled. Although we believe we offer an excellent product, this is not always sufficient to maintain a successful business.

Unfortunately, our attempts to secure outside financing necessary to continue ongoing operations have failed to materialize. We have exhausted all of our options for traditional financing and outside investors and therefore, effective immediately, we are having to close our doors as the outside financing was critical to continuing to provide services.
Bankruptcy is under consideration at this time. In the event bankruptcy is filed, you will receive notification. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your attention,
Pacific Modeling and Acting Academy

Clearly there are no bankruptcy filings, so we really need to go after them for fraud.


Dennis said...

I understand that PMAA has 10 schools accross the US and has taken 12 million in fees from parents.

Linda W. said...

According to comments posted on, they were in Secaucus, NJ this weekend at the Crown Plaza Hotel. They are operating under the name of ACT and Kathy Eisner is the casting director. The same director that represented PMAA in Tampa, FL. I called the Crown Plaza Hotel to verify that they were there. I emailed the local FBI office, the Secaucus newspaper editor (Secaucus Journal), and 2 TV stations in Secaucus. I haven't gotten any replies so I don't know if did any good but I tried to warn them up there.

Brian said...

Hello all, I am one of those who was scammed in Washington state. I have reported my experience to our Attorney General's office. I hope all of you will have or will do the same. Is there anything else we can do at this time to get law enforcement involved in this? Should we also contact our local FBI offices about this or has anyone any information yet about going after this guy/company for fraud? Thank you for any help on this matter.
Brian F.

Rich_Issaquah said...

Has anyone report this to the US attorney office for fraud (wire fraud, money laundering, scams), or the US Postal Service for Mial fraud?

Kathrina CW Sharman said...

Hi - I just filed a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General and will also do so with the BBB. Thank you all for the resources. I am game to join a class action suite, but having never participated in something like this am at a loss as to how to proceed. I will follow and contribute though. My daughter is hurt and upset about this and my husband and I are still recovering from our finacial fullfillment of the contract up front! We did out part and I either want my money back or similar and reputable services provided!!