Thursday, May 29, 2008

PMAA Bankruptcy

I wanted to start a blog for the parents and students as well as the PMAA Staff who were victimized by the fraud perpetuated by Stanley Robinson. First, it appears that PMAA was a pre-planned fraudulent scam. The lack of the permanent facility in Seattle, the unannounced bankruptcy after 3 months in service, and the fact that there have been no corporate communications from PMAA to date. Bless Tatevik for taking the iniative to enlighten those of us who were left in the dark by this scam artist, the owner of PMAA Stanley Robinson. I first learned of trouble when Tatevik sent her message at 5:17 p.m. today informing parents of what has transpired and providing the little information that she had.

When I received the e-mail, I googled Stanley Robinson and PMAA and found this link:

It appears that what Stanley Robinson did with a John Robert Powers (JRP) franchise, he turned around and did with PMAA. Now I believe that intentionally taking money, and contracting to provide a service that you have no intention of fulfilling would be fraudulent and I am hopeful that the Attorney Generals for the States that housed the respective schools would be inundated with complaints in such a way that they would have to investigate. From this web site we know that this happened to a JRP in California and to PMAA in New Mexico and now PMAA in Seattle. I am sure that all of the other schools have been closed as that is the information that was given to Tatevik.

For those parents in the Seattle Area, please call the Attorney General and lodge a complaint. Here is their information in Seattle:

Attorney General's Office
8900 5th Ave NE
# 2000
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 464-7744

It is also important to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and that can be done at this link:

I am hoping that out of the 300 families in Seattle, that one parent is an attorney and can post information about what can be done and how it should be done to try and recoup any monies spent. I paid for tuition on my Visa, so I plan on calling Visa tomorrow to find out if they can assist me with any recourse. I encourage other parents to do the same and post any other information that they find out or remember to this web site. When the Attorney General investigates a fraud case, they are going to need as much information as possible.

That is one of the reasons I established this blog. First, parents can share helpful tips with each other. Second, the data that is posted to the blog can be used in the investigation. So it would be helpful to try and remember as much as you can about what you were told, how much you paid, how and when you paid, how you heard about the bankruptcy, and any one's name and phone number that you have.

I did go in and capture screen shots of the PMAA web site including the page Highlighting Mario Lopez and his celebrity workshop. I will try contacting his agent to see if he ever did a workshop for PMAA or JRP. All evidentary items in building a case of fraud. If you have any cell phone numbers of people who signed you up, any thoughts or activities or conversations that made you suspicious or any information that you want to share, this is the place to post it. Tell your story, it may be the only thing that keeps this from happening to others, and it may be the only way to stop this guy from doing this again.


Grizzzfan said...

In bankruptcy expect pennies on the dollar, in a couple of years. If you paid by check, you are an unsecured creditor, paid last. If you paid with a credit card, I think you have 30 days to challenge the charge. Contact a plaintiff's class action lawyer like the Berman firm in Seattle.

lindsey said...

this happened to me and my family.. i really want to make it big as an actress. i thought this was perfect... I want justice, i want them to get what they deserve. what do we do??? please help