Monday, June 2, 2008

For PMAA Parents Outside of Washington

For PMAA Parents outside of Washington, here is what you need to do to help stop these people:

1.) Call the police department in the local jurisdiction where you paid the money to PMAA and file a "fraud" case. Please let the police know that this has been happening in other parts of the country and tell them to contact the Bellevue Police Department and refer to Case # 08-5892 and their local phone number is 425-452-6917. Officer Carlson took the original report and all of the families in Washington will be filed under this report. This is the case number that we in Washington will use for reporting fraud to our credit card companies. In other states you will need a case number for your credit card company.
2.) Once you have filed with the police and have your case number, please file with the State Attorney General's office for your state. This will prevent Stanley Robinson or his wife from procuring a business license in your state again. You may also want to include the names of any of the people that you have interacted with at PMAA.
3.) After you have a police case number, please file a report with This is the federal law enforcement task force that tracks multi-jurisditional reports and will coordinate with the FBI. Please note that the FBI can't just take a case without the local jurisdiction determining that it is out of the local area. This is why we need to thread the cases in the other states together with ours.
4.) Once you have a police report, and have filed with the other law enforcement agencies, please contact the Better Business Bureau for your area. Again, leave no stone uncovered. Please feel free to post any police report case number on the blogspot. The blogspot can be viewed and used by law enforcement to contact people and to look up dates and activities.
5.) Please make a copy of your contract, your returned check (if you don't get one, now is the time to order it from the bank as law enforcement will need this at some point in the future), your credit card bill with transaction information (if you paid by credit card), any business cards or notes that you have as well as a written summary of dates and times - when you went to PMAA auditions, who you spoke with, any information that you have about the event or whom you met with; and stick all of this information in a safe place where you can find it readily.
6.) If you paid by credit card company call and issue a fraud claim and use the police case number from your local jurisdiction.

If everyone did these steps, law enforcement would kick this up to the FBI quickly and/or start getting search warrants and subpoenas. We need this done in order to stop this from happening in other states.


Pam in Nashville said...

correct web address is

william freeman said...

I am heading the group in Santa Clara California. The Santa Clara County DA has been following Stanley Robinson/PMAA since January of 2008. Many parents have filed their complaints with the DA and many parents are still coming forward. If you need to connect other state officials with the Santa Clara County DA, his name is Norm Levy and he can be reached at 408.808.3701. We also have a list of parents that are ready for a class action suit. Oh ya one last thing, here comes the media! The Santa Clara California group can be contacted directly at

-Will Freeman

milky said...

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