Monday, June 2, 2008

News from Nashville

Hello all,

Krissi here in Nashville. I have a call in to the FBI here and am waiting a call back. I have however some good news for us is that I disputed the charge on my credit card and I am getting the amount refunded back to my card. Even though I don't have to pay the $6900.00 I still want to stop these people from doing this to others. My son is so upset and I hate the thought of what other kids are feeling. I just posted my complaint on the IC3 website you gave so please just keep us all posted.

Thanks for all your help!

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Lisa said...

My daughter audition in Nashville TN May 17, Ivy Isenberg with Isenberg Casting Los Angeles was who audition her. They cash my check for $2,450.00 on May 28 and on May 30 I got the email saying classes are cancelled. Brandon Harlow (408-464-2437) is who signed her up he is a Talent Director for Pacific. Kathy Eisner did all the talking about how good Pacific was. What a joke I guess they laughed all the way to the bank. Be my 14 year old is hurt and mad at the same time we could have took that money and went to a agent that would not take us for a ride, now we will have to save for another year and try again.