Monday, June 2, 2008

News from Seattle

Bellevue Washington PD has given us a case # 08-5892 . Their non emergency # is (425) 452-6917 - For all of you out of state, you can give this case # to your local authorities, as well as any FBI agents you are in contact with, for linking with our investigation.

Our officer assigned to our case is Officer Carlson, but he is within 1 hour of turning over all his efforts to Detectives. He has reason to believe that the detectives will be doing more research to the criminal/fraud end... as of now, they are still considering it a "civil" case, (for us here in Washington)

Officer Carlson encourages us to go to as well and fill out the internet portion, paperwork,as it will help tie us all together. We are still looking for a law firm to accept our case...If anyone has access, I would love to help talk to them...

If anyone wants to talk to me, my # is 360/561-7094

BTW we have an industry advocate that has contacted us and I am working closely with them, they have already provided us with important information and documentation. She also has contacted Officer Carlson on our behalf.... seems PMAA folks pirated some of there advertisements, as donors/participants in a fundraising effort... Doesn't that suprise all of you..

If anyone has any updates from your contacts with your own local law enforcment or FBI we can all benefit from sharing....

Thank you all....

Mark & Linda


Linda W. said... is for internet or cyber crimes. Are you sure that we are supposed to file there? I am concerned about our kids pictures being photo shopped and used for pornography, etc.

Fran said...

There are many aspects of this crime that IC3 would get involved in. The biggest reason to file there is the multi-jurisdictional aspects as well as the web site and what was posted as well as the potential for photo abuse.

Mr. Mick said...

Hello Mark and Linda,

If you get a second to email me (, I would love to know how everything regarding PMAA is going and if I can be of any help.